General System Test Facilities


A number of specialized test rigs have been built for various sub-systems and systems of LCA. Environmental Control System (ECS) Rig , Electrical System Test Rig, Fuel System Rig, Under Carriage Drop Test Rig, Secondary Power Supply Rig, Low Temperature Test Rig and Brake Dynamometer are a few of them.

Electrical System Rig

Tests power generation & distribution system of LCA

Fuel Test Rig

Tests Fuel system of LCA at all attitudes



Designed for qualification testing of Carbon – Carbon composites

Under Carriage Testing

  • • Carries out Landing Gear test
  • • Also has advanced features like lift simulation, wheel spin up,
    frictionless cradle travel, three axes instrumented impact platform
  • • Computerized multi-channel high speed data acquisition system

Environmental Control System (ECS)

  • • First ECS integration facility in India
  • • Qualifies Environmental Control System of LCA

Low Temperature Test Rig

Used for soaking Aircraft Mounted Accessory Gear Box (AMAGB) & for
motoring test run. Cold Chamber operates on Freon cooling system (temperature upto –54o C)