Rounded Rectangle: LCA Navy
Rounded Rectangle: LCA Navy programme was sanctioned in 2003 after the successful initial flight testing of LCA (Air Force) - Variant, Tejas.  2 Prototypes, a two seat Trainer (NP1) and a single seat Fighter (NP2) with more internal fuel have been developed in Phase-1 of the programme.  These two aircrafts are developed as Technology Demonstrators to carry out carrier suitability certification and weapon integration

The first LCA Navy prototype, NP1 had its first flight on 27 Apr 2012. Phase 2 of LCA Navy programme envisages development of two single seat Fighter with a new higher thrust engine (GE-F414-INS6) and further design optimisation. LCA Navy Mk2 would undergo weight reduction through a redesigned landing gear and associated structure and increased internal fuel as critical driving factors in its design. LCA Navy Mk2 will have enhanced mission performance and better maintainability
Rounded Rectangle: Key Features:

Single Seat Fighter aircraft with optimized and wing aerodynamics
Higher thrust from new engine: GE-F414-INS6
Redesigned lighter Landing Gear and Arrestor Hook System
Reduced nose droop to improve aerodynamic performance
Improved mission performance
Fuel Dump System
4.5 g Max Deceleration during arrestment


Air to Air
Air to Sea
Air to Ground
Rounded Rectangle: NP1 Landing after First Flight
Rounded Rectangle: NP2 Assembly