Rounded Rectangle: IFCS & Flight Test Facilities
Rounded Rectangle: Iron Bird / Mini Bird
Rounded Rectangle: IronBird is a major test facility for the Evaluation of Integrated Flight Control System (IFCS)
It is a Hardware-in-loop simulation facility 
It caters to the IFCS Evaluation of Airforce Fighter, Airforce Trainer and  Navy Trainer
It incorporates Hydraulics, Undercarriage, Cockpit Environment, Real Actuators, Digital Flight Control Computer, ADCs, Open Architecture Computer, Flight Dynamics Simulator with 6 DOF model etc.
Rounded Rectangle: Rig for integration & testing 	of total FTI system
 Acquires about 1500 	parameters from various 	aircraft systems
Rounded Rectangle: Flight Test Instrumentation Integration Rig
Rounded Rectangle: Telemetry Front End
Rounded Rectangle: Digital FM discriminators
PCM decommutation systems
DEC—Alpha Work Station
GPS based time display system
Playback facility for Flight Data Recorder (FDR)
Rounded Rectangle: Real Time Simulator
Rounded Rectangle: Ground based Test facility for Integrated Flight Control System - Real Time Simulation