Rounded Rectangle: Propulsion System Test Facilities
Rounded Rectangle: Secondary Power Supply (SPS)
Rounded Rectangle: SPS integrated with GE Engine in Test Bed
Rounded Rectangle: Ground test facility is used to carryout acceptance tests, back-to-back tests and for trouble shooting of the power plant of LCA. 
Vertical air-intake with mesh-protected louvers provides weather barrier, noise control and low-pressure drop. 
Bell-mouth attachment at engine inlet streamlines airflow and enables mass flow measurements. 
Facility to measure thrust directly using Load Cells on Roof mounted thrust stand. 
Engines up to 22,700 kg (50,000 lbs) thrust class can be tested 
Rounded Rectangle: Testing Power Plant of LCA
Rounded Rectangle: Propulsion Systems:
GE404F2J3 & IN20 as Power Plant 
Full Authority Digital Electronic Control (FADEC) unit for Engine Control External Fuel Tanks 
In-flight refueling capability enable long range deployment 
Jet Fuel Starter for ground starts and in-flight relight 
Rounded Rectangle: Vertical Lifting of Engine 
Rounded Rectangle: Engine  Modules