Rounded Rectangle: Avionics & Weapon Systems Test Facilities
Rounded Rectangle: Avionics Rig
Rounded Rectangle: Real Time Environment for Evaluation of  :
Avionics and Weapon delivery Missions
Pilot Vehicle Interface  issues like ergonomics, warning philosophy, weapon  timing & deployment cues and assessment of pilot workloads. 
SMS Performance parameters like Timing, data latency, Aiming accuracies, symbol dynamics, kill probability of Weapons delivery 
Rounded Rectangle:  MMR tests on ground with 	planned sorties of 	aircrafts.
To support MMR – Hack 	 trials.
Test facility for trouble-shooting/fault diagnosis and rectification up to cassette/module level.
Provision to create and investigate fault reported during flight.
Testing of MMR LRUs on ground after fault rectification before resumption of Hack trial.
MMR flight data analysis (off-line). To support MMR flight trials on LCA.
Rounded Rectangle: Multi Mode Radar (MMR) Integration Rig
Rounded Rectangle: Weapon Integration Rig
Rounded Rectangle: Digital Avionics Systems of LCA integrated & tested under dynamic conditions in distributed software environment
Rounded Rectangle: Provides environment to integrate and test the Stores Management System  (SMS) functionality 
Facilitates evaluation of SMS performance 
Facilitates hardware-in-loop simulation, error injection  and data acquisition 
Rounded Rectangle: Dynamic Avionics Integration Rig (DAIR)