Rounded Rectangle: Aerodynamics and Performance 
Rounded Rectangle: Tejas is a highly maneuverable and agile combat aircraft a designed for air defence and offensive roles. It features aerodynamically unstable tailless compound delta wing configuration which is culmination of an intense design exercise involving extensive Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) studies and Wind Tunnel testing. An additional control surface, Leading Edge Vortex CONtroller (LEVCON) is incorporated in LCA Navy to enable operations from a carrier. 

Development / modification / enhancement of software for aircraft aerodynamics / performance / design
Evaluation and validation of software
Generating grids for Computational Fluid Dynamic simulation
Design, fabrication and inspection of wind tunnel models
Design and analysis of aircraft components / configurations
Wind Tunnel Testing and data analysis
Study of aircraft/engine operability towards flight clearance
Flight data analysis to evaluate aerodynamics, engine and aircraft performance characteristics
Miscellaneous studies
TEJAS9.jpgRounded Rectangle: CFD Simulation
Rounded Rectangle: Wind Tunnel Testing