Rounded Rectangle: Aircraft Systems Maintenance Simulator (ASMS)
Rounded Rectangle: ASMS is an indigenous, low cost generic, user friendly domain free, multi display, interactive, high fidelity, audio-visual Simulator having  varied applications in technical education as well as operational and maintenance training. ASMS provides a unique solution ‘to Teach’, ‘to Learn’, and ‘to Practice’ theoretical and practical aspects relevant to operation and maintenance of engineering systems. Its modularity and flexibility permits tailoring of ASMS to user requirements like training needs and budget constraints

Benefits of ASMS: 
ASMS with large screen projection serves tutoring in an instructor coached environment
Ergonomic Simulator Utility Panel of ASMS supports self study during Own Time Work
Procedure simulation in ASMS develops skill  for correct Technical practice to improve on job efficiency and safety
Defect analysis simulation in ASMS imparts analytical skills to reduce down time for rectification
ASMS can also function as 'Job Performance Simulator' and ‘Diagnostic Simulator'

Applications Of ASMS:

ASMS courseware can be custom developed to meet block training requirements of
	Ab-initio training Programme 
Domain specific conversion training programme
Continuity training programme 

ASMS Offer :
Custom developed ASMS to meet block training programme of users
Generic simulator with courseware development tools
Courseware development consultancy by integrated Logistics Support (ILS)
Team of Light Combat Aircraft Programme