Rounded Rectangle: Cockpit Environmental Facility (CEF)
Rounded Rectangle: The new-generation Glass Cockpit of LCA incorporates latest Avionics systems and an effective pilot-vehicle interface. Two Multi Function Displays present required information to the pilot.  Critical information required in close combat situations is flashed onto the Head Up Display.  Hands on Throttle and Stick (HOTAS) concept ensures availability of every control needed during a critical combat situation, right under the fingers of the pilot.  A bubble canopy provides excellent all-round view to the pilot, which is very critical during close air-to-air combat. 

The advanced Multi Mode Radar takes care of detection, tracking, terrain avoidance and delivery of guided weapons.  The track-while-scan feature keeps track of multiple targets and also allows simultaneous multiple target engagement.  Pulse-Doppler gives the look-down shoot-down capability.  Ground mapping feature, frequency agility and other ECCM techniques make the radar truly state-of-the-art 

The Environmental Control System (ECS) is designed to give a high degree of comfort to the pilot and to provide adequate cooling to all onboard electronic systems.  The compressed air for pressurisation of cockpit, radar and fuel tank is also supplied by ECS.