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Rounded Rectangle: ADA is funded by DRDO in the form of Grants-in-Aid. The importance of the Finance Department in ADA is to effectively interact with all the Departments of the Organisation, evaluate the Departmental activities in terms of their financial needs, review the requirements in appropriate committees, co-ordinate with DRDO Head Quarters for the sanction of funds, render the Costing/Financial Assistance to generate Internal Resources, control the Resources by way of Procedural compliance & Budget regulations, undertake Financial Review Mechanism to correlate the progress of activities/work with the estimates, ascertain the prospects of the completion of the project in time, support a reasonably high standard of Public Financial Morality  by applying the Cannons of Propriety and the Principles of Regularity in the scrutiny of Financial Transactions, protect the Financial Interests of the organisation by effecting proper recovery of the ADA/Government dues and its settlement through proper & timely remittances to the concerned authorities, Compile the Expenditure/Receipts through proper Journal’s, Broad-sheets, Ledgers and other Books of Account, provide Financial Information to the Management and the Government at prescribed intervals of time in regular formats, bring out the Final Accounts in various approved formats, get them audited in time by Statutory Auditors, ensure its submission  to Government through authorized Committees/Bodies, co-ordinate with Auditors and the Departments to achieve compliance with regard to Audit Observations etc. In brief,  the major responsibilities of the Finance Department are Rendering Financial Advise, Custody & utilization of funds, Budgetary control, Preparation of Account of the Organisation, Audit of accounts & devising of Financial systems and procedures for the Organisation

Withdrawal of funds from Controller of Defence Accounts (CDA)

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Budgetary  Controls


Provident Fund Accounts & investments

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Retirement / Final Settlement

Leave Travel Concession

Leased Accommodation

Rounded Rectangle: Employee  Payments

Tuition Fee Reimbursement

Medical  Reimbursement

Telephone  Reimbursement

Earned Leave Encashment

Loans & Advances

Travelling Allowance

Temporary Advance

Income Tax on Employee’s payments

Vendor Bills

Rounded Rectangle: Rounded Rectangle: Bill  Payments

Project Bills

Contract Bills

Annual Maintenance Contract  Payments

Miscellaneous Bills

Financial Concurrence & Project Monitoring

Rounded Rectangle: Rounded Rectangle: Work Centre Project Management

Fund Release

Financial Accounting

Rounded Rectangle: Rounded Rectangle: Other Responsibilities

Annual Accounts & its audit

Tax Deduction at Source & Filing of Returns

Maintenance of Imprest Amount

Foreign Exchange Sanctions

Financial Concurrence to all Procurements & services

Internal Audit

Housing Loan Interest Subsidy

Text Box: CDA

Participation in Need Aspect Committee (NAC)/Cost Evaluation / Negotiation / Project review meetings

Financial Advice