Rounded Rectangle: General Systems (GS)
Rounded Rectangle:  ADA  has designed , developed and Flight Qualified  Mechanical System Line Replaceable Units (LRUs) of Light Combat Aircraft (LCA).

Major Mechanical System includes Microprocessor Controller Brake Management System, Environmental Control System, Fuel System, Landing Gear System, Hydraulic System, Secondary Power System, Life Support System and Escape System.

Major LRUs developed are Aircraft Mounted Accessories Gear Box (AMAGB), Filters, Up Locks, Quick Disconnect Coupling (QDCs), NRVs, De-pressurisation Cock, Gimble Joints. Ten different types of Heat Exchangers. All LRUs have been productionised to facilitate Equipping of Series Production
Rounded Rectangle: AMAGB
Rounded Rectangle: AMAGB is a single input, multi output gear box, which receives its  input drive from the Engine through Power Take-Off and drives  4 aircraft accessories on its output pads viz., 2 Hydraulic pumps, 1 Generator & 1 starter unit
Rounded Rectangle: Carbon-Carbon composites for Air Brakes
Rounded Rectangle: Provides drag
Absorbs Kinetic Energy by converting into heat
Holds Aircraft stationary against Engine thrust
Rounded Rectangle: Successfully designed, developed and flight qualified 10 types of compact plate-fin Heat Exchangers for LCA-Tejas Aircraft
Rounded Rectangle: Heat Exchangers
Rounded Rectangle: Mechanical system LRUs have been qualified for aerospace applications as per MIL standards
Rounded Rectangle: Hydraulic Filters
Rounded Rectangle: Hydraulic System is fitted with 9 filters of 6 types to control in the system,
Rounded Rectangle: Fire Extinguisher Bottle
Rounded Rectangle: Fire Extinguisher Bottle is used to store and discharge fire extinguishant on initiation of catridge by Push-button selection or automatically by a crash warning switch located in the airframe
Rounded Rectangle: Gimbal Assembly with venture is designed for Max. Operating Temperature: 650 0 C with Max. Operating Pressure : 37 bar g and Movement :  10mm (Three axes)
Rounded Rectangle: Up Lock
Rounded Rectangle: To lock the Undercarriage (U/C) and its doors on retraction in the up positions. Locking is mechanical and unlocking is controlled hydraulically
Rounded Rectangle: Canopy Severance System (CSS)
Rounded Rectangle: CSS successfully developed to provide Pilot Escape during Aircraft Emergency
Rounded Rectangle: Mechanical System LRUs
Rounded Rectangle: Gimbal Assembly with Venturi