Rounded Rectangle: Information & Computing Technologies (ICT) Directorate
Rounded Rectangle: The Enterprise storage servers set-up includes 11TB of NAS (EMC Clariion/Celerra) storage and 50 TB of unified storage (EMC VNX5300). The tiered storage solution provided is highly available, scaleable using RAID 5/6 technologies. The data stored by is regularly backed up centrally by Data Centre team. In addition to this, ADA has 100TB of storage from M/s HP for the High Performance Computing Cluster environment. 
Rounded Rectangle: Enterprise  Storage Servers

ICT Infrastructure

Rounded Rectangle: ADA network (Intranet/Internet) infrastructure caters to all the buildings in ADA-HQ with extended network connectivity to other ADA campuses & key work centres. The security solution deployed is a highly scalable, enterprise-class persistent LAN security solution. LAN Enforcer integrates all LAN security functions into an ASIC-based security policy processing engine 
Rounded Rectangle: Enterprise ADA Network
Rounded Rectangle: ADAís High Performance Computing facility named AMOGH, is powered with 750 TeraFlops of computing power using heterogeneous architecture of Intel Xeon family (Skylake, Ivy Bridge & Sandy Bridge) and 64 NVIDIA Tesla GPUís for solving complex scientific problems in the areas of Computational Fluid dynamics (CFD), Computational Structural Mechanics (CSM) and Computational Electro-Magnetic (CEM). The HPC facility housed in cold aisle containment provides extensive software environment with multiple cluster management tools to manage and monitor the Cluster. Altairís PBS products are used to provision, schedule and analyze the numerical computational runs. The facility is capable of delivering 24x7 HPC access to the users of ADA and DRDO. 
Rounded Rectangle: ADA Datacenter is the central place  housing major IT resources of the organization, assuring Availability & Providing  24*7 Technical Services to congregate the IT requirements of entire ADA 

It maintains over 60 Servers comprising of HPC Clusters used for CFD Analysis, PLM Servers used for Aircraft - Design & Development, Enterprise Servers used for Office Automations and ADA Web & Mail Servers and Stores more than 200 TB of online data including Test Flight Data
Rounded Rectangle: Web Enabled 3D interactive applications for Conceptual Design, Detail Design, Manufacturing & Product Maintenance 
Rounded Rectangle: MIS / LRU / PMS portals

VR Model

Text Box: Requirement Management and Traceability for LCA Program:
	Capture, trace, analyse 	and  	manage changes in 	requirements starting from 	Air Force requirements to 	different subsystem level 	requirements, design detail 	design, testing, certification 	and maintenance
Rounded Rectangle: System Engineering Tools 
Rounded Rectangle: CFD Code parallellization on HPC Cluster using OpenMP, MPI and on GPU using OpenACC, CUDA.
Rounded Rectangle: HPC Application Development
Text Box: Model based System Engineering :
	Simulating the dynamic behaviour and complex interactions between systems of many engineering fields, such as mechanical, electrical, thermodynamic, hydraulic, pneumatic, thermal and control systems

MIS/LRU Collaborative portals

Rounded Rectangle: Management Information System (MIS) : Fully integrated office automation solution covering processes across Administration, Material Management, Finance, Contract Man Power Cell, Library & Services 

LRU management system : Centralized Asset Management to track  &  control  LRUs used in Tejas programme. Includes Process flow - Planning, Qualification Testing, Equipping & Flight Line  Maintenance. Provides online status of all LRUs at any point of time across ADA, HAL - ARDC, LSP and Hangar
Collaborative Portals : The different kinds of portals such as Meeting portal, Directorate/Department portal, Programme Management  portal, Group level portal developed and deployed. These collaborative portals are used across ADA and HAL, CEMILAC and where ADANET is extended. LCA reports are digitised and search is enabled on the reports.

ADA Collaborative Environment

System Engineering Tools &† HPC Development Development

Virtual Reality

Data Center

Rounded Rectangle: Provides Mail Services internally and externally to ADA 
Rounded Rectangle: High Performance Computing Cluster (HPC)