Rounded Rectangle: Integrated Flight Control System (IFCS) 
Rounded Rectangle: State-of-the-art Full Authority Quadruplex Digital Fly-By-Wire Flight Control System
Fault Tolerant Digital Flight Control Computer with built-in Redundancy Management
Fail Operational, Fail Safe DFCS and Fail Operational, Fail Safe Air Data System
Robust Control Laws for Stability and command Augmentation, Carefree Maneuvering, Autopilot Control and Ski Jump functionalities
Advanced Flight Control Actuators incorporating both Hydraulic and electrical Redundancy
Range of Ground Based Test facilities for Integrated Flight Control System Development, Handling Qualities Evaluation, Non-Real Time Tests, Real Time Simulation, Hardware-in-loop Simulation, Structural Coupling Tests, Lightning Test, Ground Check out Systems and Flight Test
Test Facilities equipped with State-of-the-art Flight Dynamic Simulator, Engineering Test Station, Air Data Test Station, High end Projection Systems, Data Acquisition, Analysis and Storage System
Rounded Rectangle: Iron Bird Facility
Rounded Rectangle: Engineering In Loop simulator
Rounded Rectangle: Mini Bird Facility
Rounded Rectangle: System Analysis
& Evaluation Facility
Rounded Rectangle: Real Time Simulator
Rounded Rectangle: Lightning Facility