Rounded Rectangle: Independent Verification and Validation (IV & V)
Rounded Rectangle: The Independent Verification & Validation (IV & V) laboratory at ADA has been set up to address the safety issues of software intensive systems of LCA, thereby obtaining a high level of confidence in the operations of new systems prior to their use.

IV & V plays a major role in the design and development of embedded software and aims at development of hazard free and mission-success oriented software employing modern CASE tools viz. Modeling and Simulation, Rapid Prototyping, Tool based analysis and randomized Non Real Time Testing (NRT). 7 safety critical and 23 mission   critical software systems of Tejas have been evaluated and close to 200 successful sorties of Tejas have been completed adhering to IV & V practices.

IV & V process supports standards like IEEE-I2207 and RTCA DO-178B. The IV & V process has evolved to support concurrent software development techniques using OOAD and Model Driven Development (MDD) methods for LCA applications.
Rounded Rectangle: Non Real Time Test Setup
Rounded Rectangle: Global Coverage
Rounded Rectangle: NRT Setup at IV & V lab has been developed in-house by using COTS s/w to do V & V and stress test of Safety Critical On Board s/w in Non Real Time mode on a target board
Rounded Rectangle: Matlab/Simulink, Rhapsody, Rational Development Suite, Ada Test 95, Logicscope, LDRA, Understand for Ada/C++, Beyond Compare and Clearcase are some of the tools used during various stages of software development to improve the product and make it robust apart from shortening the development and certification time
Rounded Rectangle: Independent Verification and Validation Test Facilities