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Rounded Rectangle: The Information Technology Centre of ADA was established in the year 1986. The objective is to acquire, organize and disseminate information required for LCA and other projects of ADA. The centre is guided by the Library Committee appointed by the Programme Director in an advisory capacity, establishes policies and guidelines on all matters relating to the organisation and administration of the Information Technology.

¨ 8547 Books

¨ 7500 Reports

¨ 80 Periodicals

¨ 4500 Bound Volumes

¨ 4200 Technical Reports

¨ 120000 Technical Drawings

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¨ Reference Service

¨ Translation Service

¨ Audio Visual Service

¨ Availability of latest Core Periodicals

¨ Inter Library loan

¨ Procurement of new documents

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User Orientation programmes are conducted periodically to familiarise users to use Information  Technology using the Internet & Intranet facilities. 

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¨ Special collections such as Military Specifications, Standards, International Standards, British Standards, Industrial Standards etc., are developed

¨ Availability of Inter-Organisational documents

¨ Availability of documents related to Specifications & Standards

¨ Important news items regarding organization's Aircraft Projects are selected from dailies, Xeroxed and made available on ADA Web page (Internet Services) as wells as on the Intranet services

Reprographic services which includes Xeroxing , binding (comb. spiral thermal, staples)  are available  for non-commercial and research purposes.

Rounded Rectangle: Other Services

e – Resources:


¨ AIAA meeting papers fro 2010 onwards

¨ ASME-E-Books

¨ ASME special technical papers

¨ SAE Technical Papers

¨ DRDO E– Journals Consortia (DESIDOC)


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Rounded Rectangle: Other Facilities

Computers with Internet connection, Laser printers & a Xerox machine for Xeroxing utility  is always readily available.

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