Rounded Rectangle: LCA Air Force Mark 1- ‘Tejas’
Rounded Rectangle: ‘Tejas’- Indian Light Combat Aircraft (LCA), is the smallest and lightest Multi-Role Supersonic Fighter Aircraft of its class. This single engine, Compound-Delta-Wing, Tailless Aircraft is designed and developed by ADA to meet diverse needs of the Indian Air Force (IAF).

‘Tejas’ is an amalgamation of contemporary concepts and technologies such as relaxed static-stability, fly-by-wire control, advanced digital cockpit, integrated digital avionics systems and advanced composite materials for the airframe

Flying at Leh

Rounded Rectangle: Max Speed :Supersonic at all altitudes
Service Ceiling :  15 Km
‘g’ Limits : +9/-3.5
Rounded Rectangle: Performance
Rounded Rectangle: Take-Off Clean  : 9800 Kg
Empty : 6560 Kg
External Stores : 3500 Kg
Rounded Rectangle: Weight
Rounded Rectangle: Compound delta platform
Relaxed Static stability
Composite Structure
Fly-by-wire Flight Control
Open System Architecture based Avionics
Glass Cockpit
Multi-Mode Radar
Utilities System Management System (USMS)
Rounded Rectangle: Special Features
Rounded Rectangle: Air-to-air Missiles
Air-to-Ground Rocket / Missiles
Laser Guided Bombs
GSh-23 Gun
Drop Tanks
Conventional /Retarded Bombs
EW Suite
Anti-Ship Missiles
Rounded Rectangle: External Stores
Rounded Rectangle: Dimensions
Rounded Rectangle: Achievements:

‘Tejas’ has participated in Hot Weather Trials, Cold Weather Trials, Weapon trials, Bombing Trials, Launching of R - 73 Missile and Separation of Drop Tanks conducted at various places in India
Night Flying Capability
1000 Lbs Bomb Drop
1200 Ltr Drop Tank Jettison
Release of Laser Guided Bomb
MMR, LDP & HMDS sensor integration
Successful Test Firing of Close Combat Missile in HMDS aided mode
Chaff & Flare successfully released