Rounded Rectangle: National Flight Test Centre (NFTC)
Rounded Rectangle: National Flight Test Centre
Rounded Rectangle: Mobile Telemetry Van
Rounded Rectangle: Telemetry Front End
Horizontal Scroll: “It is easy to invent a flying machine, more difficult to build one; to make it fly is everything”

    - Otto Lilienthal
Horizontal Scroll: “Flight testing will never be risk free, but the risk must be managed to an acceptable level & balanced against technological gains”

    - R Warren Hall  
Rounded Rectangle: National Flight Test Centre is the directorate of ADA dealing with flight testing of ‘Tejas’.  All the flight test  and aircraft instrumentation related activities are planned, coordinated and executed by NFTC which is headed by a Test Pilot from Indian Air Force. NFTC has Indian Air Force and Indian Navy test pilots and flight test engineers along with the scientists and engineers for instrumentation who are professionally carrying out the flight testing of ‘Tejas’  

NFTC has a state-of-the-art telemetry ground facility with twelve real time monitoring stations.  The on-board Flight Test Instrumentation (FTI) consists of Data Acquisition System (DAS).  Real Time Telemetry System for selected parameters and Data Rounded Rectangle: Challenges in Flight Testing ‘Tejas’:

Four decades after the test flight of HF-24 Marut, first flight of LCA was a significant milestone. Bridging the technology gap was challenging: 

Record number of new technologies packed in  one prototype
Multitude of agencies involved
Ab-initio development of infrastructure and methodology
Insufficient levels of experience
"Risk management" by the flight test team
Bevel: An effective and efficient system has been put in place in the disciplines of : 

Flight test operations 
Flight test engineering 
Flight test instrumentation 

Highlights of  Tejas Flight Test :

Excellent match between theoretical prediction and flight test data
High sortie rate
5 pilots introduced in a span of 26 flights
Modern, dynamic calibration techniques used
Minimal unproductive flights 
2 Technology Demonstrators,  3 Prototype Vehicles, 6 Limited Series Production Vehicles, 1 Trainer and 1 Naval Prototype of Tejas have made more than 2000 flights till date
Night flying has also been achieved
Rounded Rectangle: Tejas Flight Tests: Aircraft Wise
Rounded Rectangle: Tejas Flight Tests: Year Wise