Rounded Rectangle: Prototype Vehicles & Production (PV &P)
Rounded Rectangle: Objectives:
Co-ordination of the Flight Development Program
Co-ordination between design & manufacturing  of the Tejas Prototype Vehicles and productionisation of the same
Rounded Rectangle: Development of engine parts — Bypass duct, nozzle flap, Bullet Nose Cone
Curing in both autoclave and press
Indigenous resin
Glass Transition Temperature in excess of 300 o C
Rear Fuselage applications planned
Rounded Rectangle: Aircraft Paint System
Rounded Rectangle: Indigenous aircraft paint system
Characterisation to DEF STAN 80-216, BS 2x33 & 34
Application process fine tuned
Currently used for LCA
Rounded Rectangle: Configured and commissioned Automatic Cable Harness Tester
Megger & continuity checking capabilities
Automated reports
Considerable time savings during aircraft equipping
Rounded Rectangle: Technology developed to arrest water seepage into critical areas of aircraft
Development of sealant templates and special test rig
Implementation of design upgrades
Successful testing of aircraft in test rig
Rounded Rectangle: Ground Handling Equipment
Rounded Rectangle: Indigenous development
Single trolley multiple operations
Shorter flight readiness cycle time
Loading trolleys for Drop Tanks, Weapons, Digital Flight Control Computer, Battery, Jet Fuel Starter, Landing Gears etc.
Rounded Rectangle: Water Tightness Tests
Rounded Rectangle: Well established Lightning Test Facility
Both direct and indirect effects
Lightning requirement of composite structures by means of explosive atmosphere tests
Rounded Rectangle: Digital Mock Up
Rounded Rectangle: Production standard Digital Mock Up (DMU) including system pipelines electrical looms
Capabilities like GD & T, tolerance analysis and assembly sequencing being introduced
Rounded Rectangle: Autoclave Consumables
Qualification of indigenous autoclave consumables like pressure sensitive tapes, vacuum bag sealants and release films for carbon/Epoxy system
Rounded Rectangle: Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
Implementation for all projects
Complete product data management across work centres
Pipelines and electrical looms data management
Synchronization of data, query workflows from design through manufacturing 
Digital manufacturing and ERP interface
Online design query management for faster disposition
Real time status dash boards for effective tracking
Rounded Rectangle: Productionisation
Introduction of laser tracker, high speed machining, automated drilling and riveting technologies
Application of DFMA concepts
Production standard drawings
Build quality improvement and cycle time reduction
Rounded Rectangle: Advanced Composites
Rounded Rectangle: Lightning Test Facility
Rounded Rectangle: Automatic Cable Harness Tester