Rounded Rectangle: Quality Assurance and System Effectiveness Group (QA & SEG)
Rounded Rectangle:  Quality Assurance and System Effectiveness plays a vital role in clearing Tejas aircraft for Airworthiness and Flight readiness and also ensuring safety of aircraft
Rounded Rectangle: Reliability includes:
Program plan
Growth Testing 
Estimation with field data 
Environmental Stress Screening
Maintainability includes:
Built-in test strategy and testability
Accessibility studies using Virtual Reality, 
Estimation of operational turn around servicing & man-hours per flight hours
Spare parts Management
LRU/Components lifing studies
Establishing Assembly and Disassembly Sequence & procedure
Rounded Rectangle: Reliability & Maintainability
Rounded Rectangle: Study on enhancement of survivability features
Vulnerability analysis against bullet hits
Battle damage mode and effect analysis
Estimation of aircraft damage/Kill probability
Rounded Rectangle: Survivability
Rounded Rectangle: Formulation baseline document
Configuration Management Plan
Standard Of Preparation
Change & Waiver Control
Rounded Rectangle: Configuration Control Management
Rounded Rectangle: Design reviews
Components Specifications finalization
Testing requirement
Quality control during development
Failure Reporting And Corrective Action System
Test Analyse And Fix (TAAF)
Qualification support for LRU & System
Rounded Rectangle: Quality Engineering
Rounded Rectangle: Safety Analysis
Functional Hazard Analysis
Fault Tree Analysis
Zonal Safety Analysis
Common Mode Analysis
Particular Risk Analysis
Failure modes effect and criticality Analysis
Cascading Failure Analysis
Risk Assessment & Tracking
Safety Of Flight Test
Flight Safety
Ground Test Safety
Rounded Rectangle: System Safety & Airworthiness
Rounded Rectangle: Quality Plan
Quality Policy & Objectives
Quality Assurance during development
Sub contractor QA
Failure reporting & Analysis
Non-conformance Management
Environmental Map
QA Guidelines for fabrication
Criticality classification of LRUs (Equipment)
Rounded Rectangle: Quality Assurance
Rounded Rectangle: A number of specialized test rigs have been built for various sub-systems and systems of Aircraft. E.g. Dynamic Avionics Integration Rig (DAIR),  etc (Refer Test Facilities)
Specific aircraft components and assemblies are subjected to qualification test prior to installation & Integration.  E.g. half wing test for evaluation of lightning protection and Main Airframe Static Test (MAST) specimen subjected to various maneuver loads and for fatigue testing
Stringent standards and procedures are followed at every phase of design and development.
Independent agencies 'Centre for Military Airworthiness and Certification (CEMILAC) and the Director General of Aircraft Quality Assurance (DGAQA)' critically review and clear all design procedures and components to be flight worthy. 
Rounded Rectangle: Testing & Qualification