Rounded Rectangle: Avionics and Weapon Systems 
Rounded Rectangle: ADA  has developed an Avionics Suite for Tejas and integrated the same with vital onboard systems such as Flight Control System, Utility Systems Management System, Environmental Control System, Weapons, etc., by providing pilot vehicle controls and display in the cockpit.  The overall objective is to continuously enhance the mission capability of the aircraft to accomplish its operational role by incorporating state-of-art technologies such as Multi-Mode Radar, Helmet Mounted  Sight etc. 
Rounded Rectangle: Glass Cockpit
Rounded Rectangle: Advanced Glass cockpit with High Performance Graphics to Support Situational Awareness, Decision Support and Data Fusion
Rounded Rectangle: Open Architecture Computer (OAC)
Rounded Rectangle: Open Architecture Computer (OAC) with mission software 
Rounded Rectangle: Utility System & Management System (USMS)
Rounded Rectangle: Computer Controlled Utility System & Management System (USMS) with dual redundant Processor
Rounded Rectangle: Advanced Sensors
Rounded Rectangle: Helmet Mounted Sight
Multi Mode Radar (MMR)
Litening Pod
Radar Warning Receiver (RWR)
Rounded Rectangle: Other Features
UML Based Modeling, IEEE-I2207, ADA-95 On-Board Flight Certified Avionics Application Software
Digital Weapon Management System compatible to Russian, Western and MIL-1760C Weapons
Single Avionics Application to cater Multiple Variants of Aircrafts
Well proven Air-to-Air, Air-to-Ground Attack Modes
Rounded Rectangle: Weapon Integration  Test Facility
Rounded Rectangle: MMR Integration Rig
Rounded Rectangle: Avionics Integration Test Facility